Apie mus

Joint-stock company Bageta, established in 1992, is one of the leaders in the Lithuanian woodworking market as well as that of the Baltic region. Professional team and many years of experience in woodworking allow the company to offer high-quality products: pallets and pallet collars, to its customers at competitive prices.

The company owns manufacturing and office space of more than 8,000 square meters. The first step in the woodworking process is the cutting of logs. The process is completed with the final product, i.e. pallet collars. This is what ensures competitive prices of our products.

We are different from other companies operating in the market, because we are highly flexible: we can offer both very small and very large batches of different products (for example, collars of various sizes marked with different logos). Our manufacturing capacity reaches up to 1.8 million pallet collars per year; therefore, we are confident that we can execute any order, regardless of its volume.

From beginning to end, every manufacturing process in the company is carefully screened by the quality control, which ensures compliance of our products with the highest quality requirements.

More than 80% of our products are exported to the EU, Asian and Scandinavian countries. Our manufacturing capacity grows every year, thus the output of products exported to other foreign countries,.

All of the exported timber is treated in accordance with the international standard ISPM15 and marked with an IPPC seal of the International Plant Protection Convention.

We specialize in

  • The manufacture of high-quality pallet collars and wood pallets in compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISPM 15.
  • The manufacture of sawdust pellets.

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