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Our achievements

  • As of 2011, the company has been an active participant of international exhibitions.
  • In 2012–2013, Bageta, UAB was granted the “Strongest in Lithuania” certificate, which certifies the company’s solvency, credibility and fulfilment of financial obligations.
  • In 2015, the company completed the implementation of a project Development of Export Markets of Bageta, UAB, and Increasing Its Awareness Ratings on the International Scale; project No. VP2-2.1–ŪM–04–K–04-238.
  • In the process of implementation of the project, we have successfully participated in six international exhibitions dedicated to the packing/logistics sector in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain and Sweden..

    The objective of the project, i.e. to raise the awareness ratings of our products on the international level and establish productive relations with new foreign partners and customers, was achieved. Increased export volumes allow the company to continue its technological development, manufacture of high-quality products, while maintaining the existing and creating new jobs.
    The project was co-financed with the European Union Regional Development Fund under the fourth cycle of the New Opportunities measure. The total grant accounted for 36,938 euros.

  • Since 1st November 2017 the company becamed producer of ENplus® Certified Wood pellets.
  • From 8th December 2017 The company has implemented and operates a quality management system in accordance with LST ISO 9001: 2015 and an environmental management system in accordance with LST ISO 14001: 2015.